SPOTE – The Secret Patterns of Top Entrepreneurs


What kind of habits do you keep, and how do they affect what you get in life?

When you want to reach your goals and dreams, what does it really take?

Understand how you can use the most successful patterns of top entrepreneurs for yourself today, and how they will make you successful!

Experience real success and breakthroughs in your life.

Enjoy how everything will start to fall in the right place for you.

Course Content

Total learning: 9 lessons Time: 1 week
  • Win or Perish  A cornerstone for success today 0/1

    • Lecture1.1
  • Color your mind for success  Colorful was always memorable 0/1

    • Lecture2.1
  • Perceive with all your senses  All your senses are needed... did you ever lick success before? 0/1

    • Lecture3.1
  • Education  Schooling is useless, education is irreplaceable 0/1

    • Lecture4.1
  • Limitations  Are you stopped by limitations (real or unreal ones?) 0/1

    • Lecture5.1
  • Decisions VS Procrastination  Did you already brag about how you procrastinated things? really? 0/1

    • Lecture6.1
  • Leadership  Excuses over excuses to why one is not a good leader only stop your success 0/1

    • Lecture7.1
  • Motivation  How to stay motivated 0/1

    • Lecture8.1
  • Obstacles  Are problems and obstacles driving you crazy? 0/1

    • Lecture9.1


The World's First Digital Life Enhancement Expert, Stefan has put in 63,421 hours (this number is increasing daily) of consulting internationally and training in Personal Growth Development. Stefan brings the latest methodologies and insights from all over the world to the table. Working with top global entrepreneurs and mentors is an integral part of his process. Clients learn what works internationally today. His consulting combines the best from two worlds, knowledge from a technology guru and motivation from a business coach -- The combination is unique and powerful.


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