Happiness By Choice – Interview – Polya Rosin

Home is where the strong live. Or as Tony Robbins put it, “The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships”. Polya found this to be true the hard way, in both her personal and professional life. Personally, she was used to doing what her parents expected of her, pleasing them, living the life they wanted for her until she became a parent herself. And as she was holding her baby boy in her arms, she realized that she needed to choose her own path and show her son, with actions, not just with words, how to stand up for yourself and chose to be happy.

Professionally, she was brought thinking that if you work hard, you will be noticed and prompted for your achievements. And as others went up the career ladder faster, she realized that it is not your CV that gets you a job or a business connection but your relationships and your relationship skills. That is what pushed her, even more, to focus on relationships and how to build happy healthy relationships. Polya spent years learning the ins and outs of relationships, learning from the best in the field and became a certified coach. She has a bachelor and master’s degree in science and combines scientific evidence, modern psychology and NLP to deliver the best to her clients.

She has made it her life’s passion to help families keep their connection, to reignite the intimacy and passion so they can be real life love heroes for their kids; and to level up these skills to their professional lives and create a network that is truly their “net-worth”.

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