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Highly energetic and dynamic, Lori Beard is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner whose goal is to help individuals become confident.  Lori Beard is a sought-after Speaker, Author, and facilitator. She is passionate about teaching professionals about the power of the mind to rapidly transform organizations, teams, productivity, and personal lives. Lori’s decades of study and research inspired the recent book she released, Freedom from Self-Slavery: The 7Rs Method. In this book, she explains the Seven Lesser Known Steps she has used in her practice to help professionals master inhibiting behaviors to live a more productive and fulfilled life.

As a recipient of various awards – due to her commitment to training leaders – Lori offers team development courses in a dynamic and efficient way to corporate audiences. She also helps professionals learn to connect more deeply with their intuitive decision-making nature, therefore connecting individuals on a team to become a more cohesive decision-making body. As leaders step more confidently into their greatness, the whole team thrives.

Born in Puerto Rico and living in Texas for the last 20 years, Lori uses her cross-cultural background and bilingual skills to work with audiences in both English and Spanish. She has been married to her husband for more than 25 years and raised 8 children of their own. A woman who understands the distinctions of commitment and managing life through a myriad of complexities, Lori shares her systems and proprietary frameworks, along with heart-warming life stories, that keep her audiences learning and enjoying until the last minute.

When she is not propelling teams towards richer leadership, Lori has been a lifelong volunteer. She finds joy in working with today’s youth, young adults, women, and couples on communication and leadership. Lori also maintains her own balance through active yoga, meditation, volleyball, reading and traveling.


Lori has a broad range of topics that she enjoys presenting. Information can be scaled to accommodate all sizes of audiences from small groups to seminars.  A list of the topics is provided below:

Topic #1 – Freedom from Self-Slavery: The 7Rs Method ~ A guide for self-mastery and empowerment

Summary- Surrounded by relatives with addictive behaviors, Lori shares insights into how they affected her formation. Lori’s determination to find her voice encouraged her to grow out of the side effects of these negative patterns while learning through life’s experiences and schooling. This process helped her personal healing, which she now uses to assist others through an empowering and liberating seven step method. 

Book Review- Jake Melton, author of Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the crap, stated about Lori’s book:

“For those looking to adjust their negative behaviors in order to find added freedom in their lives, this book lays out stepping stones for you to be able to overcome those behaviors and finally move forward in your life.”

“The 7 R’s Method is an easy-to-follow guide into helping you reach inside yourself and face that which has held you captive. It’s a healing, freeing process that lays out examples, ideas, and ways you can apply it to your own behaviors and mentalities.”

Available on: E-book-Kindle, Paper Back-Amazon

Topic #2 – Mind and Money Matters- From Scarcity Mentality to Abundant Vitality

Summary – This presentation introduces deep insights to begin changing the money mindset in your life.  Lori asks thought-provoking questions to instill an insightful evaluation about money limiting beliefs to start bridging into a more prosperous, money making and abundant thinking.

Topic #3 – Live a life with Purpose and Passion- Learn to L.O.V. E. what you do.

Summary – Whether on your own or professionally, do you know why you do what you do?  What gets you excited to wake up in the morning?

Lori shares steps to help you feel more present and purposeful in your daily life’s endeavors and tasks for meaningful success.

Topic #4 – Mind your Mind- How language patterns and thought processes influence your performance

Summary – Learn how your thoughts and beliefs shape your reality through an exercise where Lori helps the audience realize that words and thoughts matter.

Other topics for organizations and groups

  • Communication
  • When You Listen, You Learn
  • Self-Assessment
  • Empowering group guided meditations


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