Happiness By Choice – Interview – Hilda Klima


As a Leadership Transition Coach For over 2 decades, I have enjoyed working within corporate organizations, within the pharmaceutical industry.

I successfully navigated workplace transitions, which were both challenging and rewarding, at the same time.

I am now in a position where I can share my own experiences along this path and in particular key skills and tools, I have collected on my own journey. I support clients, who currently feel stuck and lost managing to survive in disempowering environments, engaging with people who do not fit their values or purpose and they are looking to better manage or transition to roles that better connect all of their values, capabilities, and strengths.

I work with professionals or business owners and I support them get control of their circumstances, reframe their thinking, so they understand clearly, how to resolve their own issues and move powerfully forward.

By disconnecting from the external circumstances and turning inwards, we are able to re-connect with ourselves, to create space & deepen our own inner guidance system, which ultimately reduces stress, gives better clarity and increases our resilience to be able to move powerfully forward towards our intentions.

My clients typically, take a journey to navigate the energy of their own programming and patterns, by using various energy clearing modalities. This gives them regained purpose to manage and shift their external circumstances, resulting in reduced stress, a calmer sense of being and a shift towards re-claiming their own inner power, for more fulfillment and happiness at work!


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Stefan Logar
The World's First Digital Life Enhancement Expert, Stefan has put in 63,421 hours (this number is increasing daily) of consulting internationally and training in Personal Growth Development. Stefan brings the latest methodologies and insights from all over the world to the table. Working with top global entrepreneurs and mentors is an integral part of his process. Clients learn what works internationally today. His consulting combines the best from two worlds, knowledge from a technology guru and motivation from a business coach -- The combination is unique and powerful.

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