Happiness By Choice – Interview – Lilian Njoki


Meditation saved my life!

I have been meditating every day for over 20 years and I have chosen one type of meditation which is easy to do at any time and everywhere.

I was in Hawaii in 1995 and that was when I was introduced to the Hawaiian meditation method at first I thought that is not for me. I went on to try other methods. In 1997 I moved to Florida and again I joined different kinds of meditation classes but still, I did not get really into meditation.

Then I moved back to Switzerland I became a mother during that time I did not meditate was so busy raising my kids. After my messy separation with my ex-husband 2003, I needed to escape into another world at least mentally, so I tried meditation again still it was not easy but I kept on trying I went to so many workshops and classes but nothing worked.

My life was a mess with a lot of issues and two little children and no money, my life was full of struggles but the Universe kept telling me to keep on trying with meditation and prayers.

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