Happiness By Choice – Interview – Martin Altherr


Do you know the moment? You have decided to act differently the next time and then, next time and “boom”, you act exactly the same way again? What if that just keeps stopping your success?

Martin Altherr is Europe’s leading self-transformation expert and has developed a method that helps you to dissolve success crushing patterns and imprints.

For 20 years he has been working with women and men, helping to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. In your career, in business, in finance, in relationships, in what matters most to you.

Take your chance now and find out in a 30 minutes FREE call with Martin Altherr, what holds you back from finally having your breakthrough to your success!



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Stefan Logar
The World's First Digital Life Enhancement Expert, Stefan has put in 63,421 hours (this number is increasing daily) of consulting internationally and training in Personal Growth Development. Stefan brings the latest methodologies and insights from all over the world to the table. Working with top global entrepreneurs and mentors is an integral part of his process. Clients learn what works internationally today. His consulting combines the best from two worlds, knowledge from a technology guru and motivation from a business coach -- The combination is unique and powerful.

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